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Settings for this game

Game Setup
Clean user posts (filters bad language and splits words over 45 chars long) 1
Amount of gold to start a new character with 250
New Days
Game days per calendar day 24
Mail Settings
Message size limit per message 10000
Limit # of messages in inbox 100
Automatically delete old messages after (days) 14
Content Expiration
Days to keep comments and news? (0 for infinite) 180
Days to keep accounts that were never logged in to? (0 for infinite) 0
Days to keep accounts with no leveling? (0 for infinite) 0
Days to keep all other accounts? (0 for infinite) 0
Seconds of inactivity before auto-logoff 1800
Useful Information
Day Duration 1 hours
Current game time 11:45 am
Current Server Time 2019-11-19 11:29:24 pm
Last new day 11:00:00 pm
Next new day 12:00:00 am (00h 30m 36s)

Quote: Ragnar peeks around the corner of a building, staring kinda creepily at the going's on.
Ragnar stalks out