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Citizens of the realm (Page 5: 201-206 of 206)
NameLevelFandomLast On
<MYS> Wilhelmina 0.00 Harry Potter 295 days
<MYS> Willow 0.00 Percy Jackson 114 days
<COM> Winter 0.00 Percy Jackson 295 days
<ACT> Wisteria 0.00 The Hunger Games 61 days
Wyatt 0.00 Supernatural 592 days
<HRR> Zelgadis 0.00 6 days

Quote: <TLI> Catriona says, "Yes. It is my ultimate wish. One day, I will overthrow the Doctor and rule the world and all it's fandoms. EXTERMINATE!"
<TCotU> The Doctor says, "You... You... You Dalek!"