Terms and Agreements

Rule 1: This site is used for roleplaying and gaming. Keep all chat to it's designated section of Roleplay or OOC. If found making OOC comments in a roleplay-only chat, your comment(s) may be deleted, and you may be warned. Characters cannot be based upon a fandom's canon characters - see your fandom's specific rules for more detail. No cheating in the levelling system, which includes using bugs for your unfair advantage. No interacting in game play between your alts, such as sharing materials, ganging up on other players, coordinated attacks, etc.

Rule 2: Keep everything on the site PG-13 everywhere. While you may be allowed to hold hands in chat, kiss, hug, etc., you are to not participate in anything over the line, everywhere on the site, including (but not limited to) open chats, private chats and dwellings, and private messages. FK isn't a site for you to relieve yourself, it is a family- and player-friendly site. Rewording explicit content to appear modest is also included in this. If you are to be found breaking this rule, both you and your partner will be instantly and permanently banned. Adult players have access to the adult chat tab, where the rules are less lenient and the filter is lifted - this isn't a main chat, but an OOC side chat to go to once anything in the OOC chat becomes too much. Only the chat is filtered; everything else posted on the site must remain PG-13.

Rule 3: You are allowed a total of two accounts per fandom. The only limit on the number of accounts you can have in total is then twice the number of existing fandoms. Silver-badge donators and above are allowed unlimited accounts. If you have more people using your network or internet, inform us via petition, so that we can keep track of your separate alternate accounts. Also, no referring accounts on your IP address. Alts are allowed to interact in game play only for the purposes of clan-based and site-based activity, and not any form personal gain. They may not participate in a contest or poll alongside a main account. No revealing others alts anywhere, on- or off-site.

Rule 4: Respect. You are expected to respect Staff, players and the site itself. If a Staffer asks you to stop something, simply stop. Don't backchat, don't go spreading rumors about them. If you feel you have been wrongly accused for something you didn't do, petition in and higher Staff will sort it out. If you don't like FK, don't play FK. If you also feel that the Staff are abusing their powers, immediately report them straight to the Site Owner. Harassment is not tolerated whether it be in roleplay or out of character. Enemies, fighting, taunting, etc are allowed in roleplay, as this is expected. We can't all be goody-goody two shoes in our characters, but there is a strong line between roleplaying a character, and harassing a person. No personal attacks and no real life drama are to be brought inside FK. Leave it at the login page.

Rule 5: Do not spam chats or Correspondence with nonsense. Spam is classified as overuse of similar consecutive characters. It also covers chatspeak, posting in all caps repeatedly, using an excess amount of bold/italics/underline/strkethrough, and posting multiple posts that are not roleplay. If you don't know how to type the English language as you'd say it, you'd better learn soon. Categorized under this rule is the posting of spoilers in the respective fandom, if it is active. Spoilers will be deleted, and excessive posting of spoilers after being warned is a mutable offence.

Rule 6: Do not avoid mute and/or bans. These are not placed on accounts; these are placed on the owners of the accounts. You will be warned, then muted, then banned from the site, and if you continue to misbehave, you'll be banned from the home page itself. If, however, you believe you have been banned unfairly, then you can send in a Petition, and the Staff will deal with it in the quickest and fairest way possible.

Rule 7: Protect all of your accounts. Excuses of your siblings or friends finding your account open on your browser, and deciding to cause drama, is not an excuse - you will be held responsible. If you believe that you have been hacked, immediately change your password and/or your email, and petition in so that Staff may deal with the offending person.

Rule 8: Do not advertise other sites on FK, or FK on other sites. The Staff here on FK have put in plenty of hard work to bring you an awesome site, and it doesn't need to be ruined by people taking others away from it. Common everyday sites and links are allowed in Psychic Messages and commentary to a certain degree.


Note 1: We do donation point transfers for players of previously related sites; that is, Inner Sinners RPG. You can get your points transferred from that site to either this site or its sister site, Vennadore RPG.

Note 2: Do not ignore MotD's or Server Mail. These include important information about the site- new modules, changes to the rules, updates, contests, etc. If you are found to be breaking the rules after a Server Mail is sent out concerning a rule change, you will not be excused for this- ignoring is not a reason.

Note 3: Staff can enforce punishments, be they Moderator or Administrator, and keep players in line by enforcing things that are not in the rules if it concerns the safety or concern of other players.

Note 4: Keep all talk to English everywhere on the site - this includes all commentary, dwellings, Psychic Messages, etc. This is to keep it easy for other players to understand, and to allow Staff to moderate the chat. If you have non-English in your bio, you must provide a translation.

Note 5: Avatars of the real-life you are not accepted. This is a roleplaying site, where you create a character, and avatars are based on your character, not you.

Note 6: If you are here just to troll and spam the chats, your accounts will be deleted.

Last Updated: 8 Jun 2018.

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