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Site Staff
  Doctor Disco Site Owner
Doctor Who
Leader of Fantasy
[About Me]
4 days No
  Illustrious Athanasia Site Co-Owner / Head of Staff
Leader of Horror
[About Me]
113 days No
  Lenora Jewell Administrator
Harry Potter
Leader of Mystery
[About Me]
1 day No
  Annalys Targaryen Administrator
Game of Thrones
Leader of Action
[About Me]
7 days No
Contributing Developers
Headmistress Isabella Fandom Mayor 224 days No
Chemical Callista Fandom Mayor 225 days No
Andromeda Fandom Mayor 224 days No
Unwavering Arrow; Catriona Fandom Mayor and Previous Staff 184 days No
Aranuir Previous Staff and Fandom Mayor 27 days No
Annaliese Marie Previous Fandom Mayor 7 days No
Aehrvn Consultant 67 days No

The above people dedicate their time to this site for free - treat them with respect, and they will do likewise to you.
The contributing developers helped, along with the Staff, with the creation of Fandom Kingdom. Without them, this site would not be like it is now.

If you need to contact the Staff offsite, email kalex.sites@gmail.com.

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Quote: <FNB> Elyana says, "Swap countries with me then."
<GAL> Doctor says, "Pass. I like Australia. Our dingoes eat sharks."